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One of the oldest Roman towns in Germany

The Roman town of Cambodunum, located on the eastern side of the River Iller, was founded under Emperor Augustus at the turn of the eras. It was the oldest town in the Roman province of Raetia in modern-day Bavaria. Cambodunum experienced its greatest period of prosperity during the 1st century AD.

Today the Archaeological Park Cambodunum (APC) preserves and presents the remaining part of the centre of Cambodunum that was not overbuilt with its Gallo-Roman Temple District, the Small Thermal Baths and the Forum.

  • Gallo-Roman Temple District with view of the temple of Hercules.

    Gallo-Roman Temple District

  • Kleine Thermen: Überreste der antiken Badeanlage in einem Schutz- und Ausstellungsbau

    Small Thermal Baths

  • Model of the Forum with Basilica of Cambodunum on presentation table in the park area of APC.

    Forum and Basilica