Small Thermal Bath

Wellness in Antiquity

In Cambodunum, the governor of the Roman province of Raetia moved into an imposing building next to the forum, and in AD 50, the Small Thermal Baths were constructed next to this palace. They were intended for the governor’s private use and for his staff and guests. Two generations later, however, the governor moved to Augusta Vindelicum (Augsburg). From then on, the palace complex at Cambodunum functioned as a guesthouse.

Remains of the ancient baths in the "Small Thermal Bath" exhibition area. © APC, Roger Mayrock

The Small Thermal Baths associated with the palace were remodelled, and a public latrine was added.

Two thousand years later, the original remains of the ancient baths are now on display in an exhibition building protecting them from the elements. Original finds from the excavations provide a glimpse of the “wellness culture” of antiquity.