Gallo-Roman Temple District

Faith and Sacrifice

Cambodunum’s inhabitants, who came from all over the empire, brought their own religious beliefs to the town’s Gallo-Roman Temple District. Here, Romanised Celts from neighbouring Gaul to the west, Germanic peoples, and Romans all made sacrifices to their gods.

Gallo-Roman Temple District with view of the temple of Hercules. © Trykowski

The Temple District with its altars and religious buildings was surrounded by a double hall. A number of partial reconstructions can now be visited on the original site.

The exhibition area contains finds excavated at the APC and offers insights into the Roman gods and local deities worshipped in Cambodunum: Hercules and Mercury, god of merchants and thieves, as well as Epona, the goddess of fertility and horses, who was revered by Celts and Romans alike.

Our new and interactive permanent exhibition presents the temple buildings, cults, and religions of antiquity. Visitors get to know a whole new side of the temple district in five exhibition zones with numerous original objects, impressions of daily life, and interactive stations that engage all the senses—covering topics such as the archaeological excavations, the temples and holy places, and gods and rituals in ancient Cambodunum.

With its tactile guidance system and additional inclusive elements in the new permanent exhibition, the largest Roman archaeological park in south-west Germany is making headway towards greater accessibility.