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Tours in Spanish, Romanian, and Italian are also available upon request.

Standard Tour: Amazing Cambodunum

Explore the layout of the first capital of the Alpine province of Raetia and delve into the Roman town of Cambodunum’s 2,000-year-old history!

  • Duration: 60–90 minutes
  • Cost: €70 (plus admission fee)

Besuchergruppe in den Kleinen Thermen

Costume Tour: Standard tour with costumed guides

Take a tour through the APC with guides dressed in Roman garb and listen to their stories about life in the Roman town of Cambodunum!

  • Duration: 60–90 minutes
  • Cost: €70 (plus admission fee)

Tour guide in red roman robe in the small thermal baths

A journey through the Roman Era: Interactive tour of the Archaeological Park Cambodunum (APC) with app

Viewpoint, round trip station "Which way is Cambodunum?". © APC, Matthias Tunger

Explore the Kempten of antiquity—with digital presentation and wheelchair access!

  • Impressive film sequences
  • Digital 360° panoramas
  • 15 active stations offering a historical experience for all the senses
  • Quiz Tour for the entire family

Wheelchair-friendly paths allow mobility-impaired visitors to enjoy the new highlights at the APC. Other elements in our new guidance system include barrier-free orientation panels at the entrances to the temple district and small thermal baths as well as tactile maps that visitors can carry around the site. Seating areas with built-in board games are perfect for a break.

The Cambodunum App:

Your digital companion at the APC

The app is a digital companion that can bring the Archaeological Park Cambodunum to life.

It includes 360° videos that take you on a virtual journey through time in the oldest city in Germany to be mentioned in a written document. Visit fifteen different locations for an up-close experience of everyday scenes from Roman life in the year ad 100.

What did the imperial cult area look like? What happened at the forum? The informational tour for experts, and anyone seeking to become an expert, offers an exciting tour of discovery with 360° videos, 360° photographs with interactive hotspots, 3D scans, and much more.

The Cambodunum App is also available in English language.

In the Quiz Tour, Claudius Tiberius, also known as Satto, talks about his time in Cambodunum and sets visitors interactive tasks. The rewards include collectable cards—as well as fame and glory, of course.

The interactive map always displays your current location and points the way to the individual stations.

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